We offer a full suite of dental plan options, each with a different level of choice, coverage and savings. You can choose to pay all, some or none of your employees' premium.

But what really sets UnitedHealthcare dental plans apart is our focus on health and well-being. As a provider of both medical and dental benefits, we take an integrated approach to health care, empowering our members to make choices that may lead to better health and well-being.

We provide our dental plan members with important information about the link between oral health and conditions like diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy. With better information, members can make better decisions, which may lead to better health overall – allowing you to enjoy lower costs and higher productivity.

More reasons to choose a UnitedHealthcare dental plan:

  • Some of the nation's largest national and regional networks.
  • Substantial network savings
  • Easy administrative process
  • Attentive, prompt customer service
  • Effective outreach program for groups with 100 or more employees that focuses on those employees with chronic conditions


*"Plan" may refer to insurance and/or HMO benefit plans.